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A Subdivision Naming Guide can be downloaded by clicking the following link:
Subdivision Naming Guide x

The following tool will help you find a unique subdivision plat name. You will type in your preferred subdivision name and the program will show you names that have already been used, or that are very similar to your preferred name. Continue to type in names until you find a unique subdivision name to use. Refer to the Quick References below to further help you choose an acceptable subdivision name.

To find unique subdivision names, please enter the proposed subdivision base name below, then click the check button.

Enter the proposed Subdivision base name in the boxes below:

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Subdivision Naming Quick Reference:
  • Meet current Chapter 42 standard.

  • No punctuation or symbols (i.e. no commas, no periods, no &, no @, no -).

  • No articles at the beginning of plat names (i.e. "A" and "The").

  • No full names of a person (e.g. Robert Jones Subdivision).

  • No numbers at beginning of name.

  • No street addresses in the subdivision name.

  • No street intersections as subdivision name (i.e. Southeast corner of Smith Dr and Johnson street).

  • No lot and block as subdivision name.

  • Word abbreviations must be spelled out unless commonly known.

  • Street Dedication Plat format: Name of Street + limits of street dedication (from/to) + STD (e.g. Willow Street from Market Street to Hardy Drive STD).

  • School format: District Name + Name of School (e.g. HISD Harvard Elementary School).

  • MUD format: County Name/Development Name + District Name + Service (i.e. Harris County MUD no 10 Water Plant no 4).

  • Replat format: partial replats of single family subdivisions with separately filed deed restrictions must be sequentially numbered referring back to the original plat name.

If you require additional assistance, feel free to contact one of the individuals below.
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Technical Contact (Website and GIS)
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